LaVoce Studios Summer Packages 2021 for Voice , Acting, & Group Keyboard/Theory

Summer Dates: Summer lessons can be taken at any time starting Monday, June 14 up through Sunday, September 5: there are 12 summer weeks in total. (All summer package lessons that aren’t used by the September 5 date are automatically forfeited due to the fact that summer lessons can’t be rolled over into Fall 2021.)

Lesson Logistics: As usual, online scheduling for 1-on-1 voice & acting lesson slots is completely up to the client. Students & families are free to choose whichever dates & times work best for them. As always, if a student/client can’t find an open slot within a few days, they are welcome to reach out to us: we will custom-create a lesson time slot that will work for that period of time.

For voice & acting, students must cancel out of a lesson slot by no later than 24 hours’ prior to the scheduled lesson date/time or risk forfeiting the lesson. As usual, however, if something unavoidable comes up on less than 24 hours’ notice (illness, last-minute auditions, interminable dr. appointment, etc), let us know right away so we can immediately cancel the lesson online.. For group piano/theory classes, Ms Lucia will contact each family (2-3 students are in each group class for summer 2021) and set 8 mutually-agreed-upon dates & times to span the entire summer. As there are no makeups for missed group classes, we highly recommend that students ask Ms Lucia OR a fellow classmate to record any session they will miss, allowing them to still benefit from the missed lesson.

Lesson slots for voice & acting may be stacked to create a longer lesson slot (ie, two 30-minute lesson slots to create a 60-minute lesson---we don’t recommend 90-minute blocks for students). We don’t yet have information on when the studio will be opening for in-person lessons (the building we rent is still closed to the public via the church board’s decision). We tentatively believe that we will be in-person with lessons by the very last week of June, but there is a good chance it will be July instead. We will keep you immediately updated as we know more.

Cost: The public a la carte 1-on-1 voice lesson rate (single drop-in lessons outside of a package) is $65 per 30-minute session, but as usual, current students receive 15% & higher discounts off this. Because we accept additional guest students/artists for lessons in the summers, we recommend that current students book the full package size you think you’ll need. (You’re always welcome to purchase more later if you find that you underestimated your needs.) 

Summer 2021 voice lesson packages with Mrs Cara:

18 (30m) sessions: $990

15 (30m) sessions: $825

12 (30m) sessions: $660

10 (30m) sessions: $550

 8 (30m) sessions: $440

 6 (30m) sessions: $330

Summer 2021 acting coachings with Matt Calvert:
(Coach Matt’s rates are $45 for a 30m session; $65 for 45m; and $85 for 60m)

3 (30m) sessions: $135

4 (30m) sessions: $180

5 (30m) sessions: $225

6 (30m) sessions: $270

7 (30m) sessions: $315

8 (30m) sessions: $360

9 (30m) sessions: $405

3 (45m) sessions: $195

4 (45m) sessions: $260

5 (45m) sessions: $325

6 (45m) sessions: $390

7 (45m) sessions: $455

8 (45m) sessions: $520

9 (45m) sessions: $585

Summer 2021 online group keyboard & theory package with Ms Lucia:

8 (60m) sessions: $350